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BNM Group

BNM GROUP with over 10 years experience specializing in the Middle East and Asian countries ; FINANCE , import and export , trade, real estate , oil & gas, fertilizers, cement, MANPOWER , minerals, steel, etc. SHIPPING AND TRANSPORT LOGISTICS . serves in many services sectors . Customer satisfaction, information security, privacy, solution-oriented approach, honesty and objectivity in matters in which a maximum sensitivity of corporate values ​​and political privileges ilebirleştirerek offers customers professionalism . Team of professionals with experience in the field of foreign trade which combines the aim of providing special services to customers , based on the high quality solutions to its customers with the power train . OK with a professional working environment by creating a privileged people, enticing them, develops and retains and thus in various industries experience consisting of knowledge value katar.sahip the superior quality and business processes at every stage brought solutions as a result of above-average returns provides . In all sectors that serve customers, employees , suppliers and partners ; social and environmental needs into account , a responsible enterprise. Our corporate values ​​, enabling us to create added value in the sector allows us to be even stronger . Clear and firm culture, makes us attractive as an employer and attract talented people to our company . However, the effective responsibility and citizenship also leads us to realize our duties well . Our commitment to our values ​​as set out in our corporate culture is a guide for us . Our values ​​and our development of our company and our customers as well as our benefit.

  • 1 Excellent Quality Reach : Our core business for all of our services , any time, any place, is to provide excellent quality . In addition to foreign trade consultancy service to our customers, we also offer you diverse and comprehensive solutions . Local and international markets are developing our services to meet our customers' needs . Our structure and continuously improving our processes , constantly strive beyond ourselves .
  • 2 Play Role in Success of our customers : Customer satisfaction determines the success of our company and our success , we believe that our customers' success depends on . Therefore, our customers' success is our success . Our goal with our customers is to establish long-term business partnerships . This partnership for both parties, will result in the long-term success . Both of our customers , both local and international market in accordance with the requirements you are each moving .
  • 3 Açıklığıteşvik European Landmarks : Transparency, integrity and as a result supports our success ensures our company . We give our decisions based on facts and analysis . In doing so , all our employees have the knowledge and expertise would benefit from . Sometimes it lose our popülerliği us or our revenue could result in a reduction though an independent perspective and we protect our right to say we do not agree . Propose and implement solutions to problems that have not accustomed to fight until you have the courage reserved. Our success and defeat , from different applications inside and outside the company , and we are always learning new things from our work .
  • 4 Accurate Determination of priorities :
  • 5 Becoming an Entrepreneur :
  • 6 Inside and outside the organization , to act with Integrity and Honesty :
  • 7 The Hidden Secrets of Customer Information and Data to be considered as :
  • 8 Accepting our Social Responsibility : BNM for it ; - The high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty BNM to ensure all of their employees to adopt a customer-oriented methods provide işyapış . - Be the first choice of our customers starting from the target , by listening carefully to our customers , we receive requests , complaints and feedback on customer satisfaction, tries to convert . - Thanks to the feedback from customers has identified development areas , with the improvement and development of a systematic methodology provides . - The basic condition for achieving customer satisfaction , employee attitudes, awareness and knowledge levels are closely associated with , knowing that allows all employees to be involved in this process .

Our Recent Projects

Our Projects on 2014 in count.

General Trading
International Finance
Preperation of Industrial raw materials

Global services

By Serving 835 companies around the world in 2013 BNM Group is now one of leaders in industry.

  • 835 Costumers from 42 countries
  • 3225 Contarcts in 89 industries
  • More than 799M USD turn Over

Why choose us

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    Professional Services Around the world.

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    Lowest costs and commisions in industry.

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    Fastest executaion of contracts.

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General Trading

International Finance

Preperation of Industrial raw materials

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