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General Trading


SUGAR AND RICE PULSES AND OIL Perishable EASY AND PRODUCTS All kinds of wet, dry, frozen vegetables, fruits, flowers, pulses, cereals, agricultural products, manufacturing, production, processing, trading, packaging services, import-export Vegetables, fruits, seeds, seedlings, saplings, all kinds of fields and ornamental plant production, buying and selling All kinds of agricultural products, canned tomato paste, marmalade, jam, syrup, molasses, vinegar, trading as manufacturing, import and export On any matter related to agriculture, technology, consulting services, agricultural projects, All types of glass used in agriculture, paperboard, cardboard, plastic and other materials made ​​of the packaging tube, irrigation equipment and other products of the trade All kinds of organic and chemical fertilizers and pesticides, household insecticides, veterinary medicine, environmental health, medicine, agriculture and agriculturalists all kinds of chemicals, plant growth regulators, all kinds of chemical and natural fertilizers trading, import and export.