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International Finance

Bnm Group, widely used in foreign trade operations in two different countries and know each other in trade between companies allows the payment of the sales price. Here the payment of the cost of goods is under the guarantee of at least one bank. By definition of credit, with the instruction of importers import by mediating bank, this bank's correspondent in foreign countries can be specified as the account opened on the reputation. These accounts often are opened subject to certain limitations duration and amount. By the importer, the exporter's country tripped by a bank letter of credit account, the seller shipped the goods to the ship as you install the relevant documents to the bank will charge circuit and the cost of goods from there. Open Letters bank (correspondent bank) without paying the exporter's control that conforms exactly to the letter of credit conditions. After making payments on a vehicle faster than the transport document and sends it to the importer's bank. Thus, the transport document importer, who will inherit the property when it reaches the ferry port with them. Letter of guarantee Resident in the country or abroad in favor of a natural or legal person delivery of the goods, to perform a job or payable at the maturity of a debt etc. matters, if these are not fulfilled, underwriting, a certain amount will be paid unconditionally committed by a letter of credit application. eft The process of transferring money from one account to another account and transfer money. Eft in a bank account to transfer money to other accounts in the same bank as may be in the form, in the form of various bank accounts can be transferred to.